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ENZO'S is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina and provides quality professional services that covers "Nationwide and International" as well.







At the moment, we are producing the well known "Peruvian Rotisserie Sauce". We are exporting this product from our plants in Perú to different countries in South America, Europe and North America.







Let us be “The other half of your effort".

Our mission is to help your company finding the product you need, and including the best freight services from port to port that have been our specialty since 1989. Accurate, confidential and on time.

When you place your order, regardless of the product and quantity, our professional team search the company and the best product for you. Also in combination with our freight services, we help you and your company to save time.

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ENZO'S is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina  established Exporter / Importer of all kind of product as frozen poultry, grain, used cars, lumber, etc. items to Eastern Europe, South America etc.



Our company was established in 1989 and holds offices in Italy, Czech Republic, Perú, Ecuador and United States. We offer to provide best services in products from all over the world in container loads and break-bulk shipments from port to port!.

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Our product has been awarded with the "Marca Perú" (Perú Brand) and we are proud to wear the logo for:

"Unique Product and Excellent Export Quality".


One of the "Best Peruvian Flavor" is now closer to you!


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Rotisserie Sauce

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