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We understand that your time is valuable, you don’t have to call to confirm. If there are any questions we will contact you. It is our commitment to have all the details right the first time.

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We work very close with your orders. We check our schedule constantly to remind you of the status of your cargo.


We verify this with our plant constantly and freight companies as well to coordinate arrival time.


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Our friendly receptionist and our OnCall personnel are available 24/7 ready to take your orders over the phone.

The right person will always be taking care of you and all your business needs. (This means no being transferred around to multiple departments).



All your needs of service with one communication, one person, one company because:

‘We are the other half of your efforts”

More Solutions!

Our Product: Our "Exclusive Rotisserie Sauce" is made 100% in Perú. Also known as "Peruvian Chicken", "Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken ", "Peruvian Chicken Roasted" or "Peruvian Chicken Charcoal" in USA and around the world!. Doesn't matter how you know it, it is "Pollo a la Brasa" one of the most famous dishes of Peruvian Cuisine. Our unique "Sauce for Pollo a la Brasa" contains the secret ingredients that maintain the tradition and flavor, to prepare it at home is just as if you were enjoying it from the restaurant!



Our Freight Service: ENZO'S is the exclusive company to put it on your table. We can supply the quantity that includes the taste and quality to any destination! From 1 Jar, 1 Pallet or FCL-HC door to door quote. For more information please E-Mail:

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