About FlexiTanks

Manufactured from multi-layers Polyethylene film made from virgin resin, protecting the quality of your product and,
maximizing the volume you can transport. FlexiTanks plays an important role in logistics operations helping you reduce operating costs,
non-corrosive. It is Food and Drug Administration and United States Department of Agriculture approved. We can ship your FlexiTanks kit purchase to any destination.

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Great: the solution

Flexitanks are cost-effective and convenient solution for saving transportation cost for qualified liquids cargo. Low labor and loading costs makes this product an efficient option for bulk fluids (from water to non-hazardous pharmaceuticals and chemicals) to be storaged and transported to remote destinations. Reduced freight charges based on one-way use and much lower costs in filling and emptying.

Capacity : Up to 24 tons.
One step : Loading and unloading.
Freight : Ocean, land and rail road.
Advantages : Quick installation of accessories.
Great for : Bulk Transportation and Storage.

The Freight

Fits perfectly into 20ft. containers (44% More Payload), this converts the containers into tanks for liquid transportation.
Prepare the interior with the set of accessories we supply, making sure it is completely clean and free of sharp objects.
No more returning empty containers. FlexiTanks solves the problem.


Filling a container with drums has more to do with the weight and space they occupy inside, adding weight, and costing more.

Rail Road

Shortens distances and time, less expensive; same problem exists but adding the booking and load locations.


The best international freight option. Easy to manage spaces and book your cargo if it needs controlled temperature.

High Temperature

Specifically designed for liquid cargo that needs to be loaded at high temperatures, between 140°F (60℃) and 248°F (120℃).

Cold Temperature

It guarantees safety and freshness during transport in a reefer container that requires a temperature control.


Flexitank (1PP+4PE)+1 Cardboard bulkhead + 5 Metal bars (with the fixed button) + 1 Corrugated paper roll + 1 Alarm Mark.

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The Benefits

Just compare few ways of transportations in: Ocean Tanker, ISO Tanks, IBC Totes, Drums, etc.

Minimize Expenses:

Low cost
Inexpensive way to transport liquid freight

There is no need to search and deal with ISO-tank reservation. Cost 50-80% less than traditional liquid containers like ISO tanks, drums, bottles plus the pallets.

Thinking of your investment and results

Protect the quality and value of your bulk liquids in storage or transport. Zero waste in shipping, re-used and recycled; higher volumes of liquid can be shipped at one time.

Labor and operation
Much lower costs in its filling and emptying

Quick installation of accessories, little labor for filling, handling and emptying. There is no need for a forklift. Less product loss per discharge; No risk of contamination.

Comparing facts:

Bulk Ocean Tanker
Lowes cost

* Expensive port to port delivery. * Require bulk facilities. * Many pump transfers. * No many port availables. * High percentage risk of contamination to product.

ISO Plastic or Metal Tanks
Higher cost

* Not available in some areas. * A bad cleaning can end up in the contamination of the product. * High rental and storage costs. * Special equipment is needed for positioning.

IBC Totes
Very high cost

* Qualified equipment is needed for optimal cleaning. * Forklift required to load and unload container. * It takes up a lot of storage space per cubic foot and storage costs are very high.

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Using FlexiTanks
for liquid transport

Perfected, super strong and suitable for the transportation and storage
of qualified liquid products and non-hazardous chemical liquids.
Flexitanks is a one way cost system, which, after discharge, can be disposed.

Food grade liquids:

Few of many more

* Wine
* Alcohol
* Fruit Juices
* Concentrates
* Mineral Water
* Potable Water
* Sunflower Oils
* Palm Oils
* Coconut Oils
* Fish Oils
* Edible Oils
* Glucose
* Sorbitol
* Fructose
* Corn Syrup
* Malt Extracts
* Tallow
* Tomato Paste & more...

Non-Food Edible liquids:

Some of them

* Detergents
* Base Oils
* Lube Oils
* Lubricants
* Paraffin
* Waxes
* Printing Inks
* Paints
* Emulsions
* Glycerine
* Fertilizers
* Natural Latex
* Synthetic Latex
* Plasticisers
* Non-Hazardous Chemicals
* Herbicides / Fertilizer
* Crude Oils/ Gasoline
* Diesel & more...

If you are outside USA please contact us direct via eMail for shipping quote

If you are outside USA please contact us direct via eMail for shipping quote


International clients




Liquid products



Easy Set up

Accessories for installation inside the container are included with the FlexiTanks.
Installation of the FlexiTanks in the container can take about 1/2 hour and filling the liquid cargo
might take 40-50 minutes based on the product.
Wholesale purchases: 65 sets loaded in 20ft container and 165 sets loaded in 40ft container.

Preparing the container | Cleanning

Very important

Inspect and clean the container cautiously, making sure it is completely clean and free of sharp objects at the walls and floor.

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Cover the walls | and also the floor

Supplied Accessories

Place corrugated paper on the inner side walls and the floor then fix with tapes. Unfold the flexitank in the center of the floor.

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Final steps | secure valve

Cardboard bulkhead

Place the metal bars to seals and secure the ball valve. Now it is ready for filling with liquid product and discharge at final destination.

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If you are outside USA please contact us direct via eMail for shipping quote

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